Doraemon Featured – 映画ドラえもん Spotify Playlist

Another playlist is up on Spotify! This playlist features many of the artists who’ve lended their voices to the Doraemon series of films. What I like about this playlist is that with so many artists featured, there is such diverse selection of genres! From Masaki Suda’s rock’n roll, Dai Hirai’s hawaiian-pop, Mr.Children’s smooth rock, Sukimaswitch’s pop-jazz, Perfume’s electro, Masayoshi Yamazaki’s acoustics, and Ken Hirai’s R&B, I was able to discover some new songs and appreciate new genres as I chose the music for this playlist.

The art for this playlist was actually drawn by me! (Honestly, I did it through tracing but it took me about 2-3 days, so it still counts! (right…?)) I recreated a bunch of mini Doraemons and placed them into one large Doraemon through a clipping mask. Check it out:

This piece is also featured in my 2021 portfolio.

If you haven’t yet, check out the playlist! I guarantee you’ll discover many new artists!

Listen on Spotify:

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