Hi! My name is Kobe.

I’m an Illustrator, 2D Animator, and Japanese culture enthusiast.

Photo Credit: @ashleyjaystudios

As early as two-years old, I always knew that I had a passion for drawing. As a kid, I would watch behind-the-scenes videos of the development of Disney movies on YouTube. The studio environment of an animation studio was eye-opening — In order to visualize the correct movements for animation, employees would hop around with cardboard connecting both of their feet to act out the movements of toy soldiers for Pixar’s Toy Story (1995). During development of The Lion King (1994), the team would travel to national parks in Kenya to inspire the setting of the Pride Lands, and bring in live lions to the studio to study their movements as a reference for animating characters like Simba or Mufasa. As I marveled at the creative process of storyboard artists, concept artists, background designers, musicians, CGI animators, voice actors, directors, and many more I thought to myself, “this is where I belong!” 

Photo Credit: SwobodaPics

In my career as an artist, I hope to develop characters and narratives that focus on themes of childhood wonder, joy, adventure, heart, youth, and imagination. Those themes keep me connected to the ambitious child who lives in my heart, and allow me to access the most creative and unrestricted parts of my imagination.

One of my characters, Bobby, debuted when I was in 2nd grade, and since then, I’ve continued to develop him over the years. I have a strong ambition to one day witness the cartoons and stories that I developed as a kid, like Bobby, blossom into the world; It’s my goal to bring my cartoons to life in the form of TV shows, books, and movies, and see them form their own legacy and inspire others.

My art is heavily inspired by popular cartoons and video games from Japanese media, such as franchises like Pokemon and Kirby, and most of all, Doraemon. In the future, I see myself working at an animation studio in Japan. I’ve formed a deep connection to Japan since my childhood through anime and video games, and later through my Japanese studies in college. I was able to deepen my connection during my study abroad trip in 2023, at the Japan Center for Michigan Universities in Hikone. Living in Japan as a student and experiencing a new lifestyle first-hand through the tastes, smells, sights, conversations, and memories has given me an incentive to go back and seek ways to combine my passion for art with my passion for Japanese language and culture.

This website was created from a desire to share my creations with the world. Creating art produces feelings of fulfillment and creative escapism in me, an inspiring sensation that I hope to bring to those who enjoy my art. No matter what I do or where I go, I will always be building my portfolio and generating new ideas for personal projects.