Hi! My name is Kobe.

I am a gamer, blogger, web designer, video editor, lover of apples, Japan fanatic, but most importantly, I’m an artist.

Making cartoons is my passion. When I was little, I would always draw characters from cartoons that I saw on T.V. such as The Veggietales, or The Lion King. When I was in 2nd Grade, I created my first official cartoon character, Bobby. Since then, I’ve created many cartoon characters and stories that revolve around them.


I am a BIG Nintendo fan; Pokémon, Kirby, and Super Smash Bros. are among my favorites. The colorful and creative worlds of the Nintendo multiverse really inspire me as an artist. Music is another inspirational factor for me when it comes to making cartoons. I listen to music almost every time I pick up a pencil because it gets my creative juices flowing. My favorite genre of music is J-Pop. Sukimaswitch, Hitomi Shimatani, Naoto Inti Raymi, Gen Hoshino, and Official Higedan dism are a few of my favorites. I also dabble a little into Gospel music. I’m a big fan of Jonathan McReynolds and Anthony Brown & group therAPy. Their music is so inspirational and can really lift my spirits. I also adore listening to scores and soundtracks. I love listening to OSTs  from my favorite movies or video games and replaying the scenes back in my head. Plus, it serves great background music as I try to get ideas for a doodle. 

The cartoons that I watch serve as an inspirational source for my own cartoons. I get so excited watching behind the scenes of how some of my favorite TV shows are made. My favorite show has to be Doraemon, a popular long-running Japanese anime and manga series. Doraemon has motivated me to learn Japanese and immerse myself in the language and culture. Since Doraemon is so popular in eastern countries, yet not as popular in the west, it’s hard to come across English translations of Doraemon online. That has motivated me to learn Japanese myself, and even add my own english subtitles for Doraemon myself. (You can watch some of my projects here.) I hope to one day be super fluent in Japanese, and go live in Japan to fully experience the culture. Doraemon has not only ignited my interest in Japan, but it has inspired my own work with its uplifting and emotional stories, and unique and down-to-earth characters.

My motto in life is to follow the 4 P’s, which I believe to the key in achieving any dream. the 4 P’s are: Practice, Persistence, Patience, and Passion. Let’s elaborate:

First is Practice; You need to practice your skills consistently; As an artist, I need to be well rounded not just in my field of cartoons, but also in other fields such as realism, perspective, values, and other foundational tools. 

Next are Persistence and Patience; I think that the most successful dream pursuers never give up in the face of adversity, because they want their dream that bad. Whether you’re a musician trying to get a record deal, or a cartoonist trying to pitch an idea to a TV station, you have to be persistent and patient if your ideas get turned down, because eventually someone will say, “yes.”

Lastly is Passion, perhaps the backbone of this entire model. Passion is what drives the other 3 P’s. Without passion, your patience and persistence in wanting to continue, and consistency in practicing will all crumble because you’d no longer have the desire for that dream.

When I first developed this site back in 2017, I dreamed of sharing my art with the world. Now, this site has since evolved into a blog, portfolio, comic reader, merch store, and community thread all in one. I want to be able to include all of my projects for people to see, but also form somewhat of a community and just share what’s on my mind. While you enjoy my art, I also hope that this site will attract many people from everywhere, and will be a place where we can come together and chat about our interests! My dreams and ideas have evolved, and will continue to evolve as this website grows. 

- Special Thanks -

I would like to say thank you to my amazing mom. Besides being so encouraging, patient, and loving to me as your son, you taught me a lot on how to use computer programs, how to code, and most importantly, to not give up. You helped me create this website from the ground up. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart, and I love you to the moon and back times 100! I also must thank everyone else in my life who has had a tremendous impact; my family, my friends, my teachers, and many other people in my life for encouraging me all the way through and showing a deep love for my art. Thank you for helping me realize my potential. And lastly, I want to thank Automattic and WordPress for helping make web designing easy for beginner web designers.

About the Site

My lifelong dream is to be an animator and comic book illustrator, and inspire the world with my creativity and positivity. That is the dream that I purse on this site: KobeKartoons.com.