Stand By Me Doraemon ENGLISH SUB Now Available

Doraemon is my favorite TV show, and movie franchise. Since it’s a Japanese anime, and is not very well known in the U.S., it’s difficult to come by English translations of any Doraemon content. So, I’ve decided to take my own action, and translate and sub Doraemon myself. My goal is to eventually have every one of the (at the time of me posting this) 40+ Doraemon feature films translated in English. And as of today, I will be posting the first completed film on the site for anyone to download; the 2014 CGI film Stand By Me Doraemon.

Download [ENG] Stand By Me Doraemon (2014)

Or head to the menu and under “Portfolio” click on “Aegisubs”

I have typed out the entire script, both in English and Japanese, on Google Docs! Check that out here:

STAND BY ME ドラえもん English Sub Script Translation (Google Docs)

This movie is probably my favorite film of all time. It’s like a Sci-Fi, Rom-Com, Action/Adventure film all in one. And not to mention an absolute tear jerker. 😿

I plan on only uploading the subtitle file on my site (since it’s illegal to upload the entire movie on my site.) However, if you already own your own copy of the movie (whether it be the physical DVD or a movie file) you can easily add the subtitles using the popular media player VLC! More info about how to do that here:

My subtitle editing process involves a very useful subtitle editor that I discovered a while ago known as Aegisub. The program is, to put it simply, wonderful; and best of all, it’s FREE! I’m still learning the ropes, but It’s pretty user friendly once you get used to it. The entire process is a blast, considering I love film editing, animation, and learning Japanese! (I wish I could get paid for this🥴). I did have help from other translations I found on the web, but I did take the time to double check to see if they were faithfully translated, and I did do the sub editing myself. The other films will be a bit more of a challenge due to lack of reliable subs to fall back on, but that seems to be less of an obstacle due to me constantly learning more Japanese!

If you don’t own the movie yet, I site that I commonly use to purchase my Japanese goods is CDJapan, (which has high quality merchandise, from CDs, DVDs, and other collectibles, imported from Japan) has the film for a special discount: $19 (excluding shipping). Please consider supporting the original creators of this film! 🙂

Stand By Me Doraemon at CDJapan

2000yen (2200yen Tax incl. in Japan) – US$ 18.96

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