KobeKartoons Renewed!

Hello to whoever is reading this! As you can see, KobeKartoons.com has underwent a major makeover. This is because I’ve decided to change the site to accustom my newfound goals.

The goal of my website has always been to share my cartoons with the world. However, recently my goals have been evolving. I really wanted my site to not only be a comic hosting site, but my own personal site where I can upload really anything that’s on my mind. This site is not only a comic site, but it is now going to become a blog, and an online portfolio of my art and other projects that I do such as anime subbing, and writing. I’m literally going to upload everything that I do, from sketches, to comics, to videos, to keep the viewers with constant new content. (I’ve even added a subscription form on the homepage so people can get notified when I post something new!) I also hope that I can attract more viewers and form somewhat of a positive community where I can share my thoughts and interests with others who enjoy my art. That will be the main focus of the “Blog” section in the site’s navigation bar.

I’ve been messing around on WordPress with various different themes that would help me with what I want to repurpose my site into. The previous theme for KobeKartoons was ComicPress. Currently, I’m using Hever. I also thought, “I should use other sites to help this site grow!” Meaning, I will be using other platforms such as YouTube to get the word out there. I am also currently searching for a comic hosting site where I can mainly post my comic series’. Also, it will be good for publicity. I’ll make a future post when I’ve found out what site I will use.The other comics are not gone, however. They’re just inactive in my site currently. I will re-upload them on another site, but I will be making posts on this site that will show previews of the comic, and a link to where you can read the rest.

As for now, I will continue to work on this site, and upload some content that I haven’t posted. The future of this site is bright, and my dreams are more ignited than ever!

– Kobe

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