Doraemon Playlists on Spotify!

Looking for new music to listen to? Well, being the huge fan of Doraemon that I am, I made 2 playlists dedicated to Doraemon that features many of the iconic songs featured in the series, from both the films and the TV show.

The first is a playlist titled “Doraemon -ドラえもん” which starts off with the latest song “Universe” by Official Hige Dandism for the film “Nobita’s Little Star Wars 2021,” and the current opening song for the television series, “Doraemon” by Gen Hoshino. Featured below are many other great songs from the Doraemon film franchise.

The next playlist, “Stand By Me ドラえもん 2 Soundtrack” is a compilation of the score and ending song from the film “Stand By Me Doraemon 2,” which was released this past November in Japan. My aim was to make this playlist feel as if you’re watching the movie, scene for scene. Included in the playlist’s bio is credit for the film’s composer, Naoki Sato, and the film’s theme song, “Niji,” by Masaki Suda. I will be making more Doraemon score playlists later down the line.

Using some of the assets from official sites, I was able to make very official looking playlist covers! I even added a little Spotify icon on the top left corner of the first playlist. Not all songs are available in every country, currently, but I will be updating the playlist regularly as more songs are released. There are a lot of great songs here, so please check it out if you’re interested!

Listen on Spotify:

Official Doraemon Sites:

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