Stand By Me Doraemon ENGLISH SUB Now Available

Doraemon is my favorite TV show, and movie franchise. Since it’s a Japanese anime, and is not very well known in the U.S., it’s difficult to come by English translations of any Doraemon content. So, I’ve decided to take my own action, and translate and sub Doraemon myself. My goal is to eventually have everyContinue reading “Stand By Me Doraemon ENGLISH SUB Now Available”

Doraemon Featured – 映画ドラえもん Spotify Playlist

Another playlist is up on Spotify! This playlist features many of the artists who’ve lended their voices to the Doraemon series of films. What I like about this playlist is that with so many artists featured, there is such diverse selection of genres! From Masaki Suda’s rock’n roll, Dai Hirai’s hawaiian-pop, Mr.Children’s smooth rock, Sukimaswitch’sContinue reading “Doraemon Featured – 映画ドラえもん Spotify Playlist”

Doraemon Playlists on Spotify!

Looking for new music to listen to? Well, being the huge fan of Doraemon that I am, I made 2 playlists dedicated to Doraemon that features many of the iconic songs featured in the series, from both the films and the TV show. The first is a playlist titled “Doraemon -ドラえもん” which starts off withContinue reading “Doraemon Playlists on Spotify!”

Check Out These Animal Crossing Doraemon Designs!

Happy New Year! I quickly wanted to share some designs I made for Animal Crossing: New Horizons. These designs are based on various films in the Doraemon franchise. Feel free to download them to your game by entering either of the codes on the bottom at the kiosk in the Able Sister’s shop. I haveContinue reading “Check Out These Animal Crossing Doraemon Designs!”