When I was little, I would always draw characters from cartoons I saw on T.V. such as The Veggietales, or The Lion King. When I was in 2nd Grade, I created my first official cartoon character, Bobby. Since then, I’ve always been creating cartoon characters and stories that revolve around them. It’s my lifelong dream to make cartoons that will one day reach the big screen. KobeKartoons brings me closer to my ultimate goal of becoming a famous cartoonist. This website serves as an online portfolio of my work that I can share with the world. I hope to turn it into something profitable by selling merchandise and digital comics.



Making cartoons is my passion. The cartoons that I watch serve as an inspirational source for my own cartoons. Some of my biggest inspirations come from Doraemon, a popular Japanese anime and manga series. Doraemon is an inspiration to me for many reasons: For one, the unique and relatable cast of characters with personalities that you don’t find in your everyday cartoon, clever and uplifting storytelling, and the overall legacy that Doraemon has is something that I hope my own cartoons can match. Doraemon also inspires me in the sense that it really got me into Japanese culture. Since the show isn’t popular where I’m from, I had to watch the show in its raw form. Meaning, I learned many aspects of Japanese culture, and much of the language from watching the show. And the fact that the show is mainly just available in Japanese only drives me more to learn more about Japan (but more on that later 😉 ). I find that cartoons with charming and cute art styles, and uplifting stories to tell are the most influential and inspiring to me. 

 The video games that I play have an influence on my cartoons, as well. I am a BIG fan of Nintendo games. Pokémon, Kirby, and Super Smash Bros. are among my favorites, and some of my fondest memories come from those games. Pokémon‘s influence on my art comes from the vast, and unique world it takes place in, its large selection of unique, well-thought-out, and memorable creatures, and the worldwide legacy that it has. Not to mention its heavy inclusion of a diverse cast of human characters, and morals about achieving your dreams. And what I love about Kirby the most is that the characters can be so simple on the surface, yet so complex if you look into the lore. And the games are so simple and creative, having many interesting, cute, and cozy aspects about them. I love how creative and fun Nintendo games are. And the worlds presented in many Nintendo franchises are so colorful and unique, that I often look to them for inspiration. 

Music is another inspirational factor for me when it comes to making cartoons. I listen to music almost every time I pick up a pencil because it gets my creative juices flowing. My favorite genre of music is J-Pop. Sukimaswitch, Hitomi Shimatani, Naoto Inti Raymi, and Gen Hoshino are a few of my favorites (I highly recommend them!). I am also a big fan of Gospel music, most notably Jonathan McReynolds and Anthony Brown & group therAPy. I also adore soundtracks from my favorite movies and tv series’, as well as original soundtracks from video games I play a lot. One of my favorite past times is listening to music and doodling outside on a sunny day while watching the clouds drift by.

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As I mentioned before, another fun hobby of mine besides drawing is learning about Japanese culture. Not only do I love their pop culture, but I also love other aspects of Japan’s culture such as their food and unique lifestyles. The language itself is so beautiful; writing a character from one of the Japanese alphabets feels as if you’re drawing a picture. It’s a dream of mine to visit Japan one day to learn about their culture and language, and enjoy the many things they have to offer; I’d love to watch a Doraemon or Pokémon film in theaters, or visit a restaurant and try the unique cuisine to really get a taste of the Japanese lifestyle 😜.

– Special Thanks –

I would like to say thank you to my amazing mom. Besides being so encouraging, patient, and loving to me as your son, you taught me a lot on how to use computer programs, how to code, and most importantly, to not give up. You helped me create this website from the ground up. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart, and I love you to the moon and back times 100! I also must thank everyone else in my life who has had a tremendous impact; my family, my friends, my teachers, and many other people in my life for encouraging me all the way through and showing a deep love for my art. Thank you for helping me realize my potential. And lastly, I want to thank Automattic for creating WordPress, and Phillip M. Hofer of frumph.net for creating ComicPress and Comic Easel. Thanks to them, a beginner web designer like me was able to create his own website.

About The Site

This website is my lifelong dream come true. With this website, I hope to create many smiles around the world with my cartoons, the same way that my favorite cartoons do for me. I hope when reading my comics, you will be inspired to go for your dreams and never give up on your passions.